One Million Steps

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A momentous month indeed. Thank You to the sponsors and everybody involved - It was certainly a huge challenge and am looking forward to the next big event 

With lockdown restrictions having being eased , coupled with the purchase of a new treadmill,  the pigeon  completed one million one hundred and sixteen thousand five hundred and sixty nine  steps in November 2020

Below was how the steps were tracked as well as the sponsors involved


Follow bethepigeon ethos of "Empower Yourself, Empower Others, Be Kind"

If you want to track its progress,commit to one of the Pigeon Pledges. You will receive the following benefits:

1. Access to the to the pigeon tracker:

  • track its progress

  • watch exclusive videos

  • help by cheering it on

2. Exclusive  discounts at the following establishments 

  • Footpro (Malvern )  Footpro technicians have been comprehensively trained in the areas that relate to their unique 3-Step Fit System. Their team brings together valuable experience and knowledge in the following specialised fields: Running, walking and skiing biomechanics, custom insole and orthotic manufacturing, ski boot fitting, personal training, podiatry, sports materials, sports rehab and occupational therapy.​​

  • Budapest (Elsternwick)  Budapest has been serving Melbourne’s finest schnitzels and homestyle Hungarian cuisine for over 15 years. With a focus on quality ingredients, cooking fresh to order and friendly service, they look forward to serving you with their  dine-in, pickup or delivery service.

  • Danish Nosh (Caulfield)  Bringing you Eastern European artisan sweet and savory baked goods, continental cakes,challahs, and bagels... Danish Nosh has it all! 

  • Mr Brisket (Caulfield) Boilermaker by day,  BBQ enthusiast by night, Mr Brisket loved sharing his passion and expertise of smoking brisket with his friends and family. With a focus on premium quality and inspired by American BBQ style cooking, Mr Brisket oversees the process from beginning to end resulting in the production of a perfectly rendered 16-20 hour slow cooked brisket balanced with tasty bark and moistness. 

  • Peak Health (Gardenvale) Peak Health provides the highest quality of Treatment, Rehabilitation, Personal Training and Group Training by clinically assessing and reassessing your movement to develop a program based on what your body needs. Their University qualified clinicians and coaches will take you from pain to performance, allowing you to train smarter and then harder via scientifically proven methods, not gimmicks and generalised programming or treatment.
    25% off can be utilised for any of our services including Osteopathy, Exercise Physiology, Personal Training and Body Composition Analyses. 

3. Thanks to an anonymous benefactor, you know have  two opportunities  to have $100 donated to a registered charity of your choice. 


The Pigeon Pledges


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Pledging with Donovan means you will be donating blood in the month of November. A worthy cause! 


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Pledging with Max means you will be donating money either  to a charity of your choice or The Fred Hollows Foundation - a charity dedicated to restoring sight -   the link is here to donate, but you will also get details in the confirmation email. 


pigeon kindness.jpg

Pledge with Chloe to commit to a random act of kindness for either yourself or someone else in November.

Chloe Donovan 

pigeon blood and kindness NO CIRCLE.jpg

Want to donate blood and a do a random act of kindness?  Chloe Donovan is for you!

Max Donovan

pigeon donation and blood NO CIRCLE.jpg

Donating Blood and giving Charity? Awesome! Max Donovan is for you.

Chloe Max

pigeon donation and kindness NO CIRCLE.j

Random act of kindness and giving charity? Chloe Max is your pigeon. 

Chloe Max Donovan

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Want a real challenge? Become a Hall of Famer and do all 3!!!

Be The Pigeon Pledge Form

Take a look at the pledges below to see what’s the best fit for you. If you want to help in a different way, simply reach out.

Take the Pigeon Pledge