1 000 000 Steps

The pigeon has bought a new treadmill, and is aiming to break it in by completing  1 000 000 steps in a month. Following the  bethepigeon ethos of "Empower Yourself, Empower Others, Be Kind".
If you want to follow its progress, please commit to one of the Pigeon Pledges. Once you have picked a pigeon, complete the form to gain special access to the pigeon tracker. 

The Pigeon Pledges


Pledging with Donovan means you will be donating blood in the month of November. A worthy cause! 


Pledging with Max means you will be donating money to a charity of your choice


Pledge with Chloe to commit to a random act of kindness in November

Chloe Donovan 

Want to donate blood and a do a random act of kindness?  Chloe Donovan is for you!

Max Donovan

Donating Blood and giving Charity? Awesome! Max Donovan is for you.

Chloe Max

Random act of kindness and giving charity? Chloe Max is your go to pigeon. 

Chloe Max Donovan

Want a real challenge? Become a Hall of Famer and do all 3!!!

Take the Pigeon Pledge

By taking the pigeon pledge, you will get exclusive access to track how he is doing during the month, and keep him on his toes 


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