Hello everyone!
It has been a little while since my last major update, so I figured mid-year is the perfect time to look back on what I’ve been doing in the first half of 2021. 
If you haven’t already, I want to encourage you to join the Pigeon Blood Team! Donating blood helps save lives, and it’s up to everyday Australians to contribute. I myself cannot donate blood at the moment due to some extremely rare complications that occurred the last time I gave blood 3 months ago, but I’ll be straight back there the moment the Red Cross gives me the okay!
If giving blood isn’t for you, my Fred Hollows donation link is still active, so if you are able, give what you can at this link here. The Kiva team is still in play and if you prefer that then join that team instead

I’m still planning my next big challenge, and in the meantime I have been participating in a few long distance events for fun, and to maintain my fitness. These events were challenging at times, but were ultimately great weekends and made me appreciate my life and travel to see Australia a bit more! 

1. Sandy Bay Race — February: It was strange to run with a large crowd again, but the event was well-organised and felt very safe. 

Sandy Bay Half.jpg

There was a crowd I promise

2. Warburton Trail Festival — March: It was such a beautiful and enjoyable run, which made up for the tough hills. 

Warburton March.jpg

 The Serenity Now before the madness began

3. Port Arlington — March: One of my legs started to tingle about 4kms into the run, but I still managed to finish and enjoy the amazing view.

March port arlington.jpg

How it started


How it ended

4. Mount Eliza — March: Return of the tingling legs in the beginning, but I managed to finish the run thanks to the right playlist I have since seen a doctor about this but nothing has been picked up by the tests so far, it’s potentially STT syndrome*

March Mount Eliza.jpg

 What near  the top of Mount Eliza looks like

5. Red Bull Wings for Life Run - May: This run was for a great cause, with 100% of everyone’s starting fee going toward spinal cord injury research! It’s quite an unusual event, with thousands of people around the world starting simultaneously and running as far as they can until the virtual “catcher car” passes them. It felt great to be connected internationally for such a great cause

May Red bull virtaul race.jpg

Not very exciting image of the Red Bull Logo

6. Great Ocean Run — June: I initially only wanted to do the half-marathon for this event, but places in that one had already sold out. I ended up entering for the full 44kms! A wonderful run with spectacular views.

May Great Ocean Road 1

Sunrise before the race

great ocean road 2

view on the way

great ocean road 3

Cop waiting to give me a speeding ticket for going so slow

7. Glow Worm Trail — June: I had a bit of a minor fall during the race, and consequently came stone last. It was still a great experience, well-organised, with awesome volunteers. I owe great thanks to the sweepers who nudged me to complete that last bit of the run! 

June Glow Worm.jpg

If you close your eyes and have a good imagination you can see the glow worms

Finishing last is always better if there is a crowd  

There are many more exciting adventures ahead, and I am planning  something bigger so remember to #bethepigeon